More and more people are looking to play baccarat these days, simply because it is such an easy to pick up and learn.

Baccarat Game – The Basics

In baccarat, the players play against the banker in an effort to win. Baccarat is known for being entertaining, but players should know that to win, they need luck! Players need to bet on the hand they think will finish nearest to 9 in order to win. This game uses a 52 card deck but remember the royals and the ten cards in this game are worth nothing and the ace, just 1.

Different Ways to Bet in Baccarat

In baccarat, there are three different formats of betting. Players can bet on a tie, the banker’s hand or a player’s hand instead.

Learning to Play Baccarat

Like most table games, the first part of the game involves placing a wager, or a bet. The cards will then be dealt to each player face down, with the aim of getting a hand closest to 9, but not above 9. When the player’s or the banker’s cards end up at 8 or a total of 9, no more cards will be dealt. In the world of baccarat, this is known as a “natural” deal.

Player’s that are betting on a tie will want both sides to have the same value of cards. When a tie or natural deal is dealt, another card will be pulled from the deck. Remember, there are special rules relating to this card and what it can help players to achieve.

Learning to Win at Baccarat

Like many casino games, winning at baccarat is no easy task. The problem with many casino games is that the house has the edge, but also, they are games of chance. When it comes to baccarat, player’s have literally no way of determining which cards will be pulled from the deck and therefore, they will be relying on chance and luck in order to win.

To win at baccarat, the player’s will win if their bet matches the value of the winning hand. They will be paid exactly double their initial wager, so they will turn $10 into $20, $20 into $40 and so on. Tie bets are ones that many player’s tend to bet on and there is a good reason for this. This win will payout at eight times the initial bet. Generally, the house will take a commission from each player, so take this into account when determining the overall win.

Baccarat is not as well known as many other popular casino games. Thanks to the introduction of many online casinos though, the game is much more accessible to people across the world. Baccarat is now available throughout the globe and there are even specialist online casinos, dedicated to baccarat.