Keno was originally created from the ancient Chinese. Nowadays though, there are hundreds of different variations of Keno throughout the globe, including on most online casinos as well as land based ones.

Keno Basics

In the first game of Keno, players would see 120 different Chinese characters. Nowadays though, most games, especially in online casinos, will feature numbers rather than these characters. Players will need to choose up to 15 of these numbers for a chance to win.

Playing Online Keno

Like all online casino games, the first part of the game involves the player placing the bet. Use the user interface, player’s can easily adjust their wager by either increasing or decreasing it. Once the player has determined the size of the wager that they would like to place, they need to use the selector to choose their numbers. Each game will allow players to select up to 15 numbers.

Keno Tickets

Keno is much like bingo, as players need to purchase tickets for the numbers they require in order to place bets. There are various types of tickets to choose from.

  • Straight ticket: This is the easiest ticket to purchase. The player selects the numbers that they require.
  • Split ticket: Players using this option can bet on multiple games using this one ticket. They need to segment the two sets of numbers to ensure that they are able to play two different games.
  • Way ticket: This ticket is one of the cheapest and allows players to select numbers. Players do not have to play all the numbers at the same time.
  • Combination ticket: This ticket will allow players multiple winning options using the same ticket.
  • High end ticket: This is a high risk high reward opportunity to get involved in and a chance to win big.
  • Top – bottom ticket: Players can segment the ticket and pick numbers on both sides matching 13 numbers in total.
  • Left – right ticket: This is similar to the ticket mentioned above.
  • Edges ticket: This ticket allows player’s to pick numbers on the edge.