Slot machines are one of the most appealing types of interactive gaming systems in casinos these days. Both offline and online casinos have hundreds of variations to choose from, so there is one for almost every type of player. This means players can flick between their favourite slot machine in a flash, without even moving to another casino game. Players can play video slots, but also experience the rush of playing progressive jackpot slot machines as well.

Slot Machine Basics

Originally, slot machines were known by the masses as one arm bandits, as players would insert credits and pull the big lever on the side of the slot to spin. Slots have evolved a great deal, but the aim of the game is still the same; make adjustments to the bet in order to obtain as many big wins as possible. Nowadays, slot machines have been altered to ensure that they offer online players as much excitement as possible.

Players that are expecting to get started instantly might be slightly disappointed, as they first have to choose a slot machine. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are generally 3 or 5 reels. Each slot machine tends to follow a theme, to ensure that the game play is as exciting as possible for the player.

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slot machine are extremely basic and extremely easy to play. Generally, a classic slot machine will have a fixed price jackpot, so players know exactly what to aim for. Many players still believe that classic slot machines offer much more frequent and sometimes bigger wins than the newer slot machines. They do tend to have a higher win percentage, although the wins are usually slightly smaller than they would be on the newer slot machines.

Classic slot machines, like newer slots, allow players to be bet on just one pay line, or multiple pay lines if they want to. Players need to adjust their wager to ensure that they have the best opportunity and chance of winning in the long run, but winning the big cash prizes as well.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines are essentially the ultimate slots, as they offer the most excitement possible from a slot machine. The jackpot prize on progressive slot machines is usually extremely large. Nowadays, online casinos link multiple slot machines to one single progressive jackpot, so that the win is even bigger for that one lucky players. Players can always see what the current jackpot is when they are playing the slot and will see it consistently increasing.